Fast and efficient

The OilQuick quick coupler system enables the operator to change over quickly between various mechanical and hydraulic attachments from inside the cab. As a result, he has the right tool for the job in every situation, can work faster and more efficiently.

Coupler with no play

OilQuick quick couplers and tool adapters are of the highest quality and ensure a precision fit. The coupler locks the attachments in place at full system pressure. This ensures engagement with no play resulting in minimum wear and long service life for the coupler system.

More cost effective

Fast tool change and efficient use of the excavator help to increase productivity. Experience has shown that investing in an OilQuick quick coupler pays off when you have to change hydraulic work tools two or three times a working day.

Improved working conditions

As work tools are changed and coupled automatically, the operator does not have to get down from the cab. No more handling of couplings covered in oil or leaving the cab with unnecessary exposure to risks. OilQuick boosts morale at work, even in a downpour or snow storm.


Whenever attachments are changed the conventional way, some hydraulic oil is leaked. All OilQuick quick couplers are equipped with flat-face couplings. These couplings are drip free and thus help to make the job site eco-friendlier. The OilQuick system hoses run close to the excavator stick, which gives them greater protection against wear. This hose routing has the advantage that damaged lines need to be replaced less frequently and environmental pollution is thus prevented.

Safe quick coupler system

OilQuick quick coupler systems are regarded as the safest on the market. Safety features also include double hose break valves, a system for constantly readjusting the locking bolts hydraulically, a lock switch with double function, a warning light and alarm.

Coupler Function

The OilQuick quick coupler locks the quick coupler to the attachment bracket, at the same time connecting the hydraulic hose couplings. All of this is done in one motion.

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OilQuick Specifications

TYPEOQ 40/24OQ 45OQ 60OQ 65OQ 70OQ 70/55OQ 80OQ 90OQ 120
Width 240290340440450550590750870
Center spacing (mm) 300430480530600600670750925
Weight (Kg) 30851351702102303206301200
Max No. of couplings. 344556698
Dimension 1/4” -------1-
Dimension 1/2” 342222233
Dimension 3/4” --231221-
Dimension 1” ----22243
Dimension 1 1/2” --------2
Electr. coupling (optional) yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Wgt of machine (t) 1-5 t5-12 t12-18 t14-22 t15-28 t18-30 t25-40 t40-70 t70-120 t

Oilquick vs Manual Coupler

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OilQuick Automatic Quick Couplers